Selling Real Estate on the North Shore

If you don’t have any idea of your production numbers from the past three years, you don’t have a business plan, you don’t understand your weaknesses and how to overcome them, or you are merely trying to figure out how to raise your production – you need a coach.

Not being able to see the forest for the trees isn’t just a real estate personality quirk, but many agents seem to excel at it. Many become so involved in the details of their real estate practices that they fail to see the whole picture. An outsider – especially one that is intimately familiar with how to achieve success in the field – can see it all.

If you are listing and selling real estate, chances are good you would benefit from coaching. Yes, even veterans can get something out of it. Of course the ideal time to hook up with one, though, is when you are freshly-licensed.

Beginner agents can learn goal setting and other basic business skills from a coach. “Mid-level real estate agents find incredible value in real estate coaching as they learn to break down the barriers that impede their success, open up more time in their schedules for fun, and convert more prospects into sales."

From helping you come up with a business plan to showing you ways to kick your production into a higher gear, a real estate coach can bring a lot to your business. Contact Me Today!